About Us

Cartwheels and Curtseys (and other tricky stuff) is the fruition of a dream set in motion over 10 years ago. When my, now teenage, daughter was asked what she thinks she’ll learn at school that was her reply, “cartwheels and curtseys and other tricky stuff.” So birthed the name, but it took another decade to birth the business.

On this site you will discover my passion, a love of antique and vintage jewellery, plus the tricky stuff. Items that simply arouse curiosity or are sublimely unique and I just felt they must reach Australian shores.

My travels take me to markets throughout Europe, fairs in forgotten villages and towns, auction houses, estates and even some local buying.

I hope, as you traverse this site, you will find pieces that capture your eye, like they did mine. Each and every item is special and has a story attached, but that is my story … as they move on to you I look forward to hearing some of yours.

Meredith Byrne
Licensed Second-Hand Dealer
No. 2PS21400